What We Do

R D L A is a Landscape Architecture practice established by award winning Landscape Architect, Rob Davies.

We provide design and consulting services across all scales of projects and working with a diverse range of clients to assist with the successful planning, design & construction of landscapes and spaces.

Our work ranges widely in scale and scope across Retirement and Aged Care, Residential Gardens and Estates, Developments, Schools and Education, Parks, Infrastructure & Public Spaces.

Our expertise also extends to construction and we prepare high quality and detailed construction documentation & specifications for many of our projects across all sectors and contexts.

Design Approach

Delivering beautifully resolved, functional landscapes that empower people and environments to thrive is a core motivation underpinning our work.

Listening to our clients is critical to our approach and we offer a steady, experienced, collaborative design process which we are confident leads to great results on the ground.

Our design aesthetic stems from years of refinement and experience garnered from significant, award winning projects both locally and internationally.

We are driven to design quality, sustainable landscapes that can be built to a high standard and enjoyed. This means we are highly practical and grounded designers with a keen eye for detail, levels, grading, site context and an understanding that every site is unique.

We are always collaborative and highly experienced working in teams and across disciplines to achieve well co-ordinated design outcomes.

Clients & Collaborators

We work with private clients to help plan landscapes for development purposes, or to upgrade and plan an existing property. In the public sphere, we work with local government officers to assist with the design of public spaces & infrastructure projects.  

Ultimately, all of our Clients come to us with a problem and we are always prepared for the challenge of finding that solution through good design.
Our clients and collaborators:

  • Town Planners
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Developers
  • Council Officers
  • Property Owners
  • Aged Care & Retirement Village Providers
  • Educational Institutions