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Sighted within gently undulating grassy plains amongst stands of ancient River Red Gum trees in Melbourne’s West, Burley Park has been designed to take advantage of unique landscape features to maximise neighbourhood character and create a great place for families to live.

RDLA prepared a Landscape Masterplan for the development in collaboration with the landowner, Engineers and Urban Design team.  

The scheme focusses on maximising opportunities for future residents to engage and connect to landscape. The design features a linear “green link” which provides amenity and open space frontages for medium density lots running east west through the heart of the subdivision.

The green pedestrian link also functions as a landscape trail connecting pedestrians and bicycle commuters from a future shared trail planned for Vearings Road, to an adjoining biodiversity conservation area located in the eastern part of the site which features stands of protected mature River Red Gums and native grasslands.

Our team has been involved in the initial urban design process, town planning application and the current staged detailed design, liaising with Council through the review and endorsement process.

Our team also prepared a 3D visualisation for the scheme to help the client communicate the unique features of the development and the long term vision for the neighbourhood and assist with the marketing presentation of the property.